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Welcome in the page dedicated to Eu firms.

Every EU firms can tender to an Italian public office (PA) and get a contract as the PA request.

If you are interested on Italian public market opportunities you are in the right place.

Fare Appalti is a consulting brand in tender that bring your target to your assets. Our job is to help firms to get contracts with PA we built up our expertise in our 25 year experience in this services.

In Italy, a firm can get a contract with a standard process defined by EU standards in the Italian law n.163 of 2006.

First of all the PA publish its intention to get a new supplier for a specific service because the previous contract is going to expire.

Firms can tender to the PA with several elements:

  • Administrative documents of the firm;
  • Technical project: how the firm will perform the service;
  • Price: discount on starting price (published by the administration).

Generally, the ranking that determines which firm will became supplier of the PA is generated by an evaluation of the project (up to 70% of evaluation) and the price (30-40% of the evaluation).

Our job is to compose the firm offer by consolidated skills on services (technical project) and economic analysis of the contract (to determinate a right reduction of the offer that preserve the profit of the contract).